Choolah Indian Barbecue caters to anyone’s taste


The Choolaah Indian BBQ restaurant that everyone has been awaiting recently opened up at the Mosaic district. The originality of the place is in the intriguing aspects of Indian cuisine, that now includes barbecued meat, turning the place into a modernized place for Indian food.



As you enter, you are welcomed by a lavish setting, very spacious with the luxuries of modernity.  Tables on the lower floor were separated by a glass panels, with long white ceiling lights hanging all around the room. Sitting at any table gives you the view of the workshop-like kitchen where you can see the chefs working.


The menu:

The menu offers a very diverse range of foods to cater to anyone’s taste buds, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options alike. Options range from wraps to salads, rice bowls and various other specialties. I chose the pick 4 plan- where I ordered one of the tandoor barbecue bowls that came with chicken and rice, a traditional black lentil bowl, and a freshly baked naan bread. Although I enjoyed my meal, I did not think it was anything extraordinary because it really was not so different from other Indian chains.


The ingredients/the prices:

All products were fresh and served many health concerns- options on the menu included gluten, egg, onion, garlic, vegan, dairy and meat free for those conscious of such things. The prices remained feasible for almost all dishes.


The service/the waiters:

The only fault I found of this place had to do with the service given by the waiters. I waited long for my order and they essentially ended up forgetting about it. I was, however,  reimbursed with additional free items off the menu when it was brought up to them.



Despite the unattentive waiters´ service, I had an enjoyable experience with the food at Choolah BBQ, and I recommend others to try it as well.  
Rating: 4/5