always apply yourself

Seniors reflect on their regrets and successes of applying to colleges, offering their advice for those getting ready for the process.

“Everyone says don’t be modest in college applications, but what they really should tell you is, ‘Think of the most impressive way to describe whatever it is, and describe it that way.’ For Emerson [College], after I was put on the waitlist, I sent a letter of why I should still be considered for the honors program. I know my letter was the most influential piece of my application, and I wish I had used that mentality in my [common application], because it may have helped me with other schools. [My advice is to] at least apply, because you never know. I won’t be attending Emerson, but I’m glad I was able to consider it. I wish I explored and found more dream schools, because that’s what college is about. You’re following your dreams.”

– senior Kristin Metzger

“As a freshman, I put so much unneeded pressure on myself, and I really wish someone had been there to tell me that all I can do is my best. I didn’t even consider [the College of ] William and Mary until October of my senior year, one month before the early decision deadline. I always thought I would end up at [the University of Virginia]. After visiting and talking with a lot of admissions counselors, I began to realize what my gut was telling me. William and Mary had always made me feel so comfortable. The moment I found out I had been accepted was a feeling so special it’s hard to put in words. All the work, stress and studying felt so worth it. To those currently applying or not applying for another four years, my biggest advice is to trust your gut because you are the only person who knows yourself well enough to make that kind of decision.”

– senior Eve Grill