When the returning staff began planning Volume 55 of Rank & File, I made a point of embracing innovation. Last year, we proved ourselves capable of carrying on the legacy of the publication that our predecessors created. We managed to receive the distinction of crown finalist from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, putting us in the top fifty high school newspapers in the country. Riding on the heels of our recent success, we turn our minds towards change.

The one change we did not anticipate was how much the staff size would grow in the transition between volumes. From a mere staff of about 15 people, we have nearly tripled in size to a group of approximately 40. While it was daunting to try and adapt to managing a much larger staff, the growth has given us an opportunity to expand our scope.

We have staff members with knowledge of numerous aspects of the community and we can cover these topics in more depth than ever before. With a larger staff, the newspaper will be able to approach longer, high-quality print issues, along with even more consistent digital coverage.

New editors have settled into their positions, streamlining our print cycle with several new positions in place to cover every aspect of the paper. With an even clearer system of operations in place, content production has already scaled upward in quality, as well as quantity due to more frequent event coverage.

I intend to make good on my promise to continue innovating within Rank & File in terms of content, design and style. With this increased staff size, we have the resources to elevate the publication even further.