Football program finds success at all levels

The varsity team earned a record of 9-1, four wins more than the previous season. The Statesmen’s only loss of the regular season was against James Madison High School.

“It was a really good season even though the end of it was disappointing, but the regular season was the best season I have ever been apart of,” junior and varsity football player Coleman Blakely said.

JV finished the year with a record of 4-4 after working through roadblocks within the team.  

“When the season started we were torn apart and couldn’t work together as a team,” freshman and junior varsity football player Elijah Jackson said. “But as time went on we all came together and started winning.”

Freshman football held a winning record of 5-3, but the success was first met with worries from the players.

“[The team] started out with doubts but as the season went on we slowly grew as a team and got better and better,” freshman football player Connor Sweeney said.