Prospective participants had the opportunity to learn more about the Danish exchange program in an interest meeting in Room D206 on Nov. 21. This program is taking place for the sixth time from April 14 to April 21. Danish students from the Nørre Gymnasium IB school in Copenhagen, Denmark will visit Marshall and spend a week with their American host families.

“Depending on their spring schedule, how much time students can commit to the Danes is definitely challenging,” Special Education teacher and volunteer for the program John Skaggs said.

Apart from the challenges of balancing school and time with the guests, he considers this program an otherwise rewarding experience.

“The most gratifying part about this program is being able to make friends who live on the other side of the world,” Skaggs said. “The students get along well. Some kids still keep in touch with their Danish friends, which is really cool.”

In addition to the obligation of providing the Danes with housing and travel during their stay, hosts get the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen next fall to visit Nørre Gymnasium. This trip allows them to learn more about Danish culture and traditions.

“Danish culture is minimalistic and inclusive,” English teacher and homestay coordinator Hendrick Booz said. “Each Danish high school has art from the national art gallery hung on the hallways. These kids are way cooler than we are.”

The teachers adjust the trip each year based on students’ feedback and what they themselves have experienced.

“It’s been a very positive experience. That’s why this program is going on for its sixth year,” Booz said.