Business course offers Microsoft certifications

The Information Systems class offers all grades the opportunity to become proficient in Microsoft Office programs. Students have the opportunity to certify in up to six different programs: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word Expert and Excel Expert.

“I took this class to become proficient in all the programs,” senior Katelyn Vergara-Crespo said. “I would have never made the effort to certify on my own so it is really cool that this class is offered at school.”

Without taking the class, each certification exam can cost up to 150 dollars, but the class is free to all grade levels. This course exposes class members to a handful of accreditations.

“This class offers so many certifications for students, and they look great for college and other applications,” Information Systems teacher Andrea Livick said.

Other business classes offer the same opportunities for certification, but it is not required. The Information Systems course offers guaranteed certification in Microsoft Office programs, which Livick said prepares students for the workforce and provides them with skills valuable to employers.