Animal Lover’s Club speaks out against unjust treatment

The Animal Lovers Club advocated for just treatment of animals by writing letters protesting makeup companies who test on them.

Animal Lovers Club’s held their first meeting after school on Nov. 10 in D211, where they attempted to contact makeup companies such as Makeup Forever, Benefit Cosmetics, Nars, Esteé Lauder and Maybelline, who all test their products on animals, in an attempt to stop them from doing so.

“I think a lot of people don’t think about where all this beautiful makeup comes from, so I think it’s great that the club is doing this,” club advisor and English teacher Brenna Killeen said.

Club president Marissa Angus organized the event, where they not only spoke out against the companies who test on animals but wrote thank you letters to the companies who do not, as well as brainstorm ideas for future meetings.

“I really like makeup, but a lot of companies test on animals, so I don’t want to buy it anymore,” Angus said. “I really want to raise awareness so they won’t test on animals anymore.”