Lack of holiday spirit dulls excitement for winter season

The winter season is full of a diverse range of festivities like Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah. But, in high school, I believe that the lack of spirit in faculty and students belittles the excitement.

Throughout the years, I have accumulated a wardrobe of ugly holiday sweaters to wear throughout the month, but I am alone in my holiday excitement. Ugly holiday sweaters are a way to ironically spread holiday cheer with all religions, but I am appalled by the lack of spirit within the school. On a good day, I will see one other person as decked out in holiday gear as I am.

In elementary school, school activities included little snowmen on math worksheets and snowflake cutting in art class in honor of the holiday season. Now, almost no teachers incorporate holidays into their lessons.

Due to limited school participation, holidays no longer have the same energy and excitement. Before, all of winter felt like one giant holiday celebration. Now, there are only random bursts of cheer in a jumbled up manner, killing the holiday spirit. Next time the holiday season comes around, we should create more activities to keep the spirit of the season alive.