When snow was in the forecast, students across Fairfax County Public Schools waited for the tweet from School Board Member at-large Ryan McElveen, and they got it.

“UPDATE: #FCPS will now be closed today, Thursday, January 4,” McElveen tweeted, following the original tweet that school was delayed.

McElveen broke the news at 4:53 a.m., before the official word came from the FCPS administration. He is known for being the first to tell the public about a closing or delay, as he is one of the first to know.

“He’s even faster than the FCPS website because that is the first place where I get that information,” sophomore Parsia Bahrami said. “You miss the website but you don’t miss the Twitter notification from him.”

McElveen has become a twitter sensation because many students are under the false pretense that he is the one to make the decision to close school. Instead, it is the superintendent Scott Braband who makes the final decision. Regardless, McElveen continues to gain extreme popularity.

“The superintendent may cancel school but [he is] not the one to actually tell students that school is canceled. Ryan McElveen takes his time and actually informs students,” Bahrami said.  

FCPS students have nicknamed McElveen “The King” and pasted his face on the body of Jesus because they give him credit for cancelling school. McElveen has 305,000 followers and counting on his verified Twitter account.

“Students look at [McElveen] as a symbol of the FCPS Board and see him responsible for closing school. He is a reliable and trustworthy source who cares for students, ” said Bahrami.