On Jan. 9, Freshmen College Night was hosted by counselors Mindy James, Katy Sokolove, Alex Breiner, Christy Hanlon, Jim Rixse and career center specialist Gardner Humphreys. They gave an introduction on the basics of college, what colleges look for and test preparation.

The program started with what students should be achieving in order to help them when it comes to college, such as getting good grades. Katy Sokolove also discussed different extracurricular activities and service opportunities. Gardner Humphreys focused more on talking about testing.

“I found it helpful to learn about the differences between the SAT and ACT,” freshman Yasmin Mohran said.

Mohran also found the event useful because it helped determine what college she was academically fit for.

“I am able to now place myself in the right category based on my strengths and take the test that will allow me to reach my highest capability,” Mohran said.

Aside from test information, the counselors also talked about the skills needed in order to take the test. The audience answered a few problems from previous tests as a practice and to understand the general idea of what the questions are like on the test.

“The session on test taking skills helped me benefit because I was refreshed and reminded on the strategies I’d previously learned,” Mohran said.

Mohran also “learned new ways to solve questions that might be a challenge [for her].”

Overall, this event was informative to freshmen who will start thinking about college soon.

“I would definitely recommend [College Night] to other students because no matter what grade you’re in, I believe it’s important to be educated on your tests that not only show your progress, but determine your future,” said Mohran.