With the recent winter weather, Fairfax County Public Schools as a whole has experienced many school closures and delays. This has lead to exams and due dates being moved because of the time away from school. While this can be seen as a nuisance, others in the community see it as a nice surprise.

“Just like everyone, I think cancellations are a lot of fun,” senior Jean Roman said.

On the other hand, some enjoy the break from the school environment but dislike the troubles that can come with it.

“[The snow days were nice] because I caught up on assignments and relaxed,” sophomore Nicole Chavez said. “But then school was open again and everybody was sick and struggling to do all of their assignments.”

Students are not the only ones who saw the constant delays and cancellations as an issue as teachers as felt the change in scheduling.

“I think any time away from the classroom is going to impact students negatively,” biology teacher Michael Osborn said. “I don’t think it’s been that bad this year because we’ve seen more delays than closures.”