Classroom modular takes over upper parking lot

During the county’s winter break, construction on a new semi-permanent 12 classroom modular began in the upper parking lot behind the building. This modular takes up a large portion of the back parking lot, leaving people frustrated with the loss of their parking.
“It makes it a lot harder to park,” senior Leah Jeffery said. “It’s annoying because you paid 200 dollars for a parking pass and now there’s no parking.”
While the administration acknowledged the upset, its purpose is for the future of the school due to the rising number of kids coming in each year.
“Our renovation built out our building for 2030 kids and right now we’re at 2236,” principal Jeff Litz said. “We anticipate that growth to continue over the next several years, if not the next decade.”
The construction of the modular will also result in the removal of the trailers.