Snapchat update incites massive backlash among users

In an effort to simplify its user experience, Snapchat released an update a week ago that significantly changed the layout and functionality of the app. Despite its intent, a majority of those who installed the update have come down hard on the complicated new format. In fact, one upset user, @isaacsvobodny, even took to Twitter and got 1.3 million retweets in a petition for Snapchat to return to its old format.

Although the reason for dissatisfaction varies by user, junior Diana Damenova cites poor organization as the reason for her dislike of the update.

“I think that it’s more difficult to locate the articles and stories now that there’s no organization,” Damenova said. “The feed is a lot more complicated but I’ve gotten used to it. Although, I do waste less time reading the articles and stories because they’re more difficult to find. So I guess it’s better for me and worse for the businesses and Snapchat.”

Other users have relayed similar feelings, stating the upgrade has caused them to limit the usage of certain features on the app, or of the app altogether.

“I hate the new snapchat layout because it doesn’t seem like an upgrade and more like a downgrade,” junior Timothy Hutchinson said. “It’s way less user friendly and combined too many things that it’s made it harder to use. I don’t really watch many stories anymore because I muted everyone who wasn’t a friend to organize it more.”

In addition to the new story organization, Bitmojis and the Discover page are just a few of the numerous changes the app underwent. For junior Erin Petroff, the sheer number of unpopular adaptations the company made was the reason for her frustrations with the app.

“I hate the update because now you basically have to scroll through your whole list of friends to see who’s posted on their story,” Petroff said. “The bitmojis annoy me too. I’d rather see names than an animated face when someone snapchats me. But what I really hate the most is the Discover page. It’s full of random stories from people I don’t know, so I just scroll down the page, blocking people, and they just get replaced by someone else’s story, and the process never ends.”

Petroff said the disorganization now deters her from using certain features on the app.

“It looks way less organized and harder to navigate,” Petroff said. “Because of the way it’s organized, I don’t really look at the stories on that page anymore. I used to look at Buzzfeed a lot and similar stories, and now I can’t even find them, so I don’t even bother with it anymore.”

Despite negative feedback, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced on Feb. 15 the updated layout will stay. In fact, he encouraged users to be patient and just get used to it.