FCPS Opens Most Schools Despite Power Outages

Neighborhoods were left without any electricity due to high speed winds between 30 and 40 miles per hour, as well as gusts reaching up to around 80 miles per hour, according to wtop.com.  Winds blew across several Virginia counties, according to wtop.com.
Some individuals, like senior Jooeun Kang, were left without electricity.
“[The wind] caused the power in my house to go out for 2 days,” Kang said.
Fairfax County Public Schools were closed on Friday, March 2nd due to both wind damage and power outages in schools and neighborhoods; however, the following Monday, Fairfax County only closed specific schools, leaving the others open.
Kang disagreed with Fairfax County’s decision to close only a small portion of the schools and leaving the others open.
“[I disagree with Fairfax County’s decision to only close specific schools] because although the power going out in houses had nothing to do with school, being on the road could have caused dangerous situations as a result of the very strong wind,” Kang said.
Senior Lewis Horne also disagreed with Fairfax County’s unusual choice to only close a fraction of their public schools.
“I was mad and thought if one school was closed, they all should be,” Horne said.