Parents fundraise for All Night Grad

An online auction to raise money for the All Night Grad Party for seniors took place from March 10 to 18.
A preview party on March 9 preceded the auction, where parents had the chance to buy items for a slightly higher price than the original cost to fundraise for the All Night Grad Party.
“It’s a good opportunity to get something I would want anyways but also contribute to the class so it’s like a donation and something else,” chair of the auction Brooke Edwards said.
Auction organizer Jody Toser said she is confident that the auction will raise enough money for the party. Toser said the auction has taken large amounts of preparation.
“We have been working since the senior class’ freshman year to make this possible,” Toser said. “Lots of planning and organizing has been done.”
Fellow organizer Linda Baker said many people had to contribute in order to put the auction together.
“We relied a lot on what people did last year,” Baker said. “We [also] had people who helped canvas different geographical areas for donations and it came together.”
Toser said she is thankful for the community’s efforts in putting on the auction.
“We are thankful that we have generous parents and community members who help keep our kids safe and off the streets on graduation night during the party,” Toser said. “[We’re thankful] that we are able to provide this for all students despite their economic status and ability to afford it for themselves.”
Senior Carter Graceson said he hopes that enough money is raised to have a good time.
“I’m grateful for [the auction organizers],” Graceson said. “They’re doing their best for us to have a memorable night.”
Parent Katrine Eichelbert said the auction represents a community building activity.
“It brings the parents together, it raises awareness,” Eichelbert said. “We have joint experiences of having a senior and we talk of what’s to come next in their lives.”