Toast Ghost releases Toast Ghost Goes to College

English teachers and Toast Ghost members Matthew Horne, Jonathan Super and Paul Fauteux returned with a new album Toast Ghost Goes to College.
Toast Ghost has been making music since fall of last year; following their previous album Space Bass and their EP stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
Horne, lead singer and songwriter, said the album is different from previous albums because it is more personal.
“We collaborated heavily with a bunch of seniors who graduated and went to college,” Horne said. “At the same time I’m going to college for my masters, and I decided, ‘Why not write an album about Toast Ghost going to college?’”
Since the album draws from the band’s personal experiences in college, Horne said that the album may be less relatable to people listening to it, while still retaning the usual Toast Ghost charm.
“It’s still the same concept of meeting students and talking about their experiences in a funny and silly way,” Horne said.
Super said that although the album is fun and positive, the message behind the lyrics runs deeper.
“It’s a little more free, a little more about positive vibes and doing well in life,” Super said. “Sometimes when things get tough, you just have to push on through.”
The album also features different student performers. Sophomore Jack Lwin talked about what it was like to be on the album.
“It was exciting being around my friends and recording verses for an album that a couple students I don’t know may listen to,” Lwin said.
Sophomore Miles Devlin said the record was very quick and didn’t give him time to think.
“I came up with a guitar track, a beat and a verse and it all took a few seconds max,” Devlin said.
Toast Ghost held a concert in the senior courtyard in order to advertise the album.