Prop gun video causes short term increase in school security

Parents and staff received an email this morning from principal Jeff Litz regarding a potential security risk for the school.

A student created a video with a prop gun, which they recorded yesterday, Oct. 16, in a bathroom on school property. The video shows them waving around the gun before pretending to shoot themselves with the prop. The student posted the video on Snapchat.

Police identified the student, who stated the video was meant to be a joke. The police interviewed the student and their parent last night.

The student has yet to face consequences and the police investigation is still ongoing.

Principal Jeff Litz said additional security will be around the school to ensure student safety and address parent concern.

Litz and School Resource Officer Mike Allen are not available for comment at the moment, and Safety and Security Specialist Steve Williams declined to comment.

The Rank & File will continue with updates as additional information becomes available.