Five steps to creating a club

The first thing a student needs to do to create a club is to find a sponsor for their club.
“You need a sponsor before you get into the paperwork,” assistant director of clubs and activities Laura Campbell said.

After that, the student must fill out an interest form of at least 25 students. Investment Club officer and junior Ben Dabich said he did not have trouble with his.
“We asked people in our classes if they were interested,” Dabich said. It took about a week to fill it out.”

Thirdly, a student has to create a club constitution telling what the club is about.
“Kunal Choksi, Thomas Sweeney and I, […] drafted a rough draft,” Dabich said. “After the draft was created, there was a long editing period to finalize the constitution.”

Next, you will need a cover sheet for your club to feature what it is about.
“The cover sheet was easy to make because we made it after we finished the constitution,” Dabich said. “We had to include the name of the club, the school year date, and include if we would go to areas out of school for the club.”

Once all of the steps are complete, Campbell sends the student’s paperwork to the Fairfax County Activities Office for approval. If they deny the club, Campbell will help make edits.
“One of my roles is sending applications to the FCPS Activities Office once they pass building-level approval,” Campbell said.