Members of Latinos United and Spanish Honor Society recently celebrated their culture during Hispanic Heritage month, which from Sep. 15 to Oct. 15.

Hispanic Heritage month started in 1988 under President Ronald Reagan, and is meant to honor different hispanic cultures and their contributions to society.

In order to learn more about their culture, members of Latinos United attended a Ted Talk that hispanic members of Capital One held. They told the audience anyone can succeed, no matter where they are from.

“They struggled with a lot of obstacles when they were younger due to them […] not being able to speak English,” junior and president of Latinos United Grace Arteaga said. “They gave us hope that we can be something in the future.”

The speakers said they all had poor upbringings, but were still able to become successful.

“It was people just like us,” junior and member of Latinos United Kiara Cornejo said. “Some people at the event weren’t even born in the US, but they all got to this level [of success].”

As for Spanish Honor Society, members said they intend to host a party in order to celebrate their Hispanic culture.

“We’re planning [to hold] a potlock Spanish Honor Society,” senior and member Andrea Quintanilla said. “We will celebrate the history of our cultures [to] show why this month is important.”

Latinos United sponsor Silvia Montes said she feels Latinos United brings the community together.

“We try to celebrate our heritage by coming together and making kids who come from different countries or have hispanic parents who’ve come from a different country feel more welcome,” Montes said.

Spanish Honor Society president and senior Valerie Castro said the club uses their culture to connect with others.

“We think it’s very important to learn more about and use our culture and Spanish-speaking ability as a way to connect with different Hispanics and Latinos,” Castro said.