Pro side:

Checking in for Learn is important, as it is a necessary resource for the school to keep students safer and more organized.

The key reason students should check in for Learn is to ensure they are safe. When everyone’s attendance is in the system, the administration can make sure students are where they are supposed to be.

There are also students who skip Learn, which is wrong and the rule of checking in for Learn helps to insure they will go to class.

Having data about the the numbers of students in each class can also provide a way for classrooms to be more organized. With the new Learn schedule, where all of the core classes are open everyday, the numbers can show patterns and tell the administration how the system is working.

Since so many club and team meetings and other events occur during Learn, checking in is a great way to keep track of all of that. It helps the teachers and administration make sure everyone is present and lets the administration know what is going on throughout the Learn periods.

The rule for checking in for Learn is a great way to make our school environment more organized, safe and convenient.

Con side:

Signing in for Learn is meaningless because it delays test taking and distracts students from their working environment; the period is only a 45 minute class.

Checking in takes up to 20 minutes due to an overflow in classrooms. During learn, students could have had an extra 10 minutes to study, to do their homework or read.

In some classes, students pass a small computer around the room and that interrupts those in the middle of their work. This is a problem if you have a test to take or need to complete a major assignment.

There is potential for delay; finishing homework for your next class or getting ahead of your reading might not happen in time.

If you are going to a core class there is always a line that takes up time, making it difficult to do your assignments.

It is important to keep track of students, but it would be easier to not take attendance during Learn to allow for students to manage their time better.