“Geek!” play incorporates new fight scenes

The theater department’s production of “Geek!” took place from Nov. 8 to 10 after the student holidays.
This year’s fall play surrounds two outcast teenagers who seek out their comic book idol at a convention in Ohio. During their journey, Dayna and Honey come to realize no quest can hide the tragedy they have suffered.
The play includes fight scenes which required special choreography in order to perfect the moves for the stage.
“An expert from Synetic Theater has been coming to help us with fight [choreography] and other physicalities,” junior Rachel Lipetz said.
Lipetz has participated in six plays and three musicals before “Geek!” during her time at Marshall. She played the role as one of the Steampunk Leuts in the lastest play.
“I like participating in plays because I love theater in general,” Lipetz said. “It is one of my favorite things in the world.”
Junior Haley Long, who plays the lead role, said learning the fight scenes added to the stress that comes with memorizing lines and stage directions.
“[I have been] learning stage fights for the majority of the fight scenes,” Long said. “It’s been a successful but exciting process being the lead, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
Long said the cast works extremely hard. Her fellow cast members can be serious when necessary, but also fun when trying to accomplish a goal.
“Most kids take the show pretty seriously as well, so while we do have fun I also know that there are people to back me up if doesn’t go as planned.”
“I think [“Geek!”] is definitely different from past shows that I’ve seen,” principal Jeff Litz said. “But I like it. I like that it’s different.”
Litz said the technical aspects in the show, such as the projections, set the production apart from past plays. Litz also said he favors the multiple combat scenes.
Even though “Geek!” is not the most traditional, the performance could shed light on the play.