Mark Smith – social studies

What were you doing before you came to Marshall?

Grad school mostly, I had a plethora of different jobs when I got out of college. They inevitably led me to grad school, which inevitably led me here.

What’s something no one here knows about you?

I hate the mercator projection map. The map of the earth that’s flat, but it’s a square. I hate it because the earth is a globe, you can’t make it a square because it doesn’t fit right. It annoys me, so I like globes and hate the mercator projection map. It’s a terrible map.

What’s one item on your bucket list?

I would like to go to space. I don’t think that I will do it because it is going to be too expensive and difficult, but it would be a nice thing to do. Realistically, I would like to go to all seven continents. I haven’t gone that far, I need to go to South America, Antarctica, Africa and Australia. I’ve been to Asia, Europe and North America. Antarctica is the hard one because there is nothing there. There is a boat tour that you can do that takes you there, but that is the tricky one. I guess you could just fly to South America, and get on a boat to Antarctica and just get off.