Having a sanitary cafeteria is the responsibility of the students

The bell rings and lunch ends. Hundred of students push back their chairs and rush out but the wreckage they leave behind doesn’t disappear nearly as quickly.

I am appalled each day as I leave the cafeteria by the sheer number of entire lunch trays, containers of food, trash, and large spills left behind by students. To refuse to pick up any of your trash and put it in a conveniently located garbage can, less than five seconds away, is unbelievably rude, lazy and disrespectful.

When a student leaves all of their trash on a table, a custodian must clean up after them just to keep the cafeteria in usable condition for the rest of the students who eat later. The custodians work hard to keep Marshall clean and nice for everyone, but their job is not to pick up after lazy students who cannot be bothered to pick up after themselves.

Anyone that leaves their trash behind is not only disrespecting Marshall’s custodians, but all of their fellow students. Anyone in A, B, or C lunch controls the state of the cafeteria for all of the lunches after them. Not cleaning up one’s area sends signals disregard for the rest of the student body and their desire to have a decent space to eat lunch. They are putting your own convenience above everyone else’s needs.

Do not be that person, the one who just does not care, the one who thinks they are above cleaning up after themselves. Because no one is above the basic act of disposing of their own waste. Everyone must throw away their lunch and remember the impact of their actions.