YouTube Rewind overcomes Justin Bieber’s music video by dislikes

On Dec. 6, YouTube Spotlight released a new video in the Rewind series. The Rewind series highlights almost every trend throughout the year including their biggest YouTube stars.

This year, YouTube Rewind 2018 reached a milestone nobody would ever want to achieve; the most disliked video on YouTube. On Dec. 13, just six days after its release, it reached  over 9.8 million dislikes, passing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video. It is now soaring past 15 million dislikes, and here is why it deserves the hate it is getting.

The majority of the people in YouTube Rewind were unknown to the community. The most recognizable person in the video was Ninja, a Fortnite streamer on YouTube and Twitch.

While there were plenty of people in the video with millions of subscribers, they are not the biggest stars on YouTube. Channels like PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, T-Series, Shane Dawson, and many more are very well known in the YouTube community, and they would have been perfect candidates for YouTube Rewind 2018.

The content, script and choreography was very poor in quality. With most of the video having nothing but Fortnite emotes and dances, it was very stale and boring. While Fortnite was one of the biggest trends of 2018, YouTube Spotlight should not have emphasized it so much.

There were some very unattractive segments in it as well, such as the K-pop segment and