Stress Less Week ineffectively addresses the reduction of student anxiety

The student government association (SGA) touts Stress Less Week as a valuable way to help students relax, but in reality the structure of the week misses the mark.

As a junior and IB diploma candidate, I have a large workload and numerous Learn obligations including club meetings, getting tutoring points for honor societies, and meeting with teachers for help on assignments.

In theory, I appreciate the SGA’s efforts to provide fun activities for the student body, but I think having them primarily during Learn is problematic. Learn is a time in the day for students to complete work and get the help they need to reduce stress levels, and lunch is a break in the day. Having stress less activities during Learn and lunch tells students they must use their own time to relax and reduce stress.

The message every day of the year for students is to relax at home or during their personal time. In that way, Stress Less Week does not change student’s daily reality. Students are once again forced to choose between fun activities and completing their work.

If Marshall really wanted to affirm their commitment to reducing student stress, they would dedicate some class time during Stress Less Week to anxiety reducing activities instead of asking students to give up valuable work time.