Snow days limit lab time for IB science class IAs

Due to snow days and two-hour delays, seniors in IB science classes had limited time to work on their Internal Assessment (IA) labs.

In order to help them, biology teacher Michael Osborn gave his students as much time as possible to complete their labs.

“To ensure fairness, equitable access to materials and lab time and guidance from a teacher, I have, for two years now, been opening my classroom at 6:45 in the morning,” Osborn said.

Senior Margaret Butterworth said she appreciates what Osborn does for his students.

“I think Mr. Osborn [does] the best that he [can], being the only IB Biology II teacher, being responsible for his own family and dealing with snow days,” Butterworth said.

Osborn said the students were his number one priority throughout the process of the IAs.

“It’s my job to support everybody as much as I can,” Osborn said.