Freshman receives Valentines Day reply from Instagram model

Love is in the air at Marshall High School. For freshman Dean Vance, his valentine is Instagram model Alexis Ren who has 13.1 million followers on the platform.

Vance followed Ren for a few years and said his crush on her has been a long-term inside joke between Vance and his friends. This inside joke eventually lead to Vance commenting on the model’s photos.

“[Ren’s] been my celebrity crush for a while now,” Vance said. “All my friends know it too, so they just like to joke around with me and tell me to comment on her Instagram posts,”

On Valentines Day, Vance commented asking Ren to be his Valentine but never expected for her to reply to him.

“I was freaking out so much,” Vance said. “I had to call one of my friends to ask him to make sure that it actually happened. I haven’t been that happy in a long time.”