Youth groups serve as platform for forming strong bonds

It is hard to accept that a high school friendship may not last. But the bonds members form in youth groups such as Young Life or the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO), are lifelong.
If teens took advantage of youth groups, they could form relationships that could last a lifetme. The youth group communities, whether they focus on faith or interest, help teens to develop alongside other members who share the same interests.
Unlike high school, youth groups allow for a more relaxed environment where it is easier to socialize.
For teens who may not have close friends at school, becoming a member of a youth group can be a place to branch out and form new friendships over shared interests.
BBYO is an international youth organization for Jewish teens interested in engaging in Jewish experiences.
As a BBYO member for over three years, I have been able to reinvent myself among a new community. Though I may not be able to see my youth group friends on a day-to-day basis, maintaining a friendship regardless of distance only strengthens our bond.
After graduation, school friendships might end due to the fact that students are unlikely to see each other everyday.
Recently, I attended the BBYO International Convention in Denver, Colo. with over 5,000 other members. This youth organization serves as a platform to meet teens from all over the world.
Regardless of the distance, I have maintained friendships with members from Sweden and Belgium.
Since I have adapted to not seeing my youth group friends for months at a time, moving away for college will have no effect on the friendships I have made through my youth group.
Teens should consider joining a youth group because I believe friendships that last against all odds and distance are the strongest kind.