Dear people who stand in the middle of the hallway,

You are the scum of the Earth. How dare you block everybody’s way to stand in an unreasonably large circle while the rest of us are like squished salmon just trying to get to class.

Seriously! What makes you think a good place to hang out is a hallway that’s barely five feet wide and necessary to get from one end of the school to the other? You could move literally 10 feet to a less popular hallway or classroom, have more room to talk and reduce the pressure headaches the rest of us get trying to maneuver through your crowd.

Not to mention, it’s dangerous. I have been elbowed in the head by a hyper sophomore for the last time. I’ve seen kids trip, get punched in the face and nailed by flying backpacks. When will this madness end?

On behalf of all of the frustrated students out there, please re-evaluate this lifestyle choice and start treating your peers with respect.

You are human hair clumps in the pipes of Marshall.

Carolyn Nee, senior