FCPS installs solar panels to preserve energy and money

In an attempt to be more energy-efficient, Fairfax County began installing solar panels at a variety of schools.
Elected member of the School Board and representative of the Hunter Mill District Patricia Hynes said she is an advocate of all schools being carbon-free by 2050.
“I hope the Joint Environmental Task Force being created by the school and county board will commit to that goal,” Hynes said.
Sophomore Karissa Keehan said solar panels should be a priority because they enable schools to become both more familiar with modern technology and more eco-friendly.
“Installing solar panels is a good idea because the school can become more dependent on its own sources of energy,” Keehan said.
In addition to environmental benefits, solar panels are cost-effective.
“The power purchase agreement being developed will produce energy at a lower cost per kilowatt hour than the current electricity cost from Dominion Electric,” Hynes said.