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Girls lacrosse teams favors low protection goggles

Posted By Amelia Gee On May 6, 2019 @ 10:58 am In Sports | Comments Disabled

Players on girls lacrosse teams wear goggles instead of helmets due to the comfort and general popularity of them, risking potential head injuries.

Boys lacrosse players wear helmets because of different regulations that allow for a more aggressive style of play.

Junior and girls varsity lacrosse player Lena Smith said though helmets prevent concussions, the discomfort of wearing one is a drawback. Instead, using goggles is the current athletic gear standard.

“Most girls have played mainly with goggles for years, and helmets only now have become common,” Smith said. “So many players are simply accustomed to using goggles.”

Concussions have lasting effects on and off the field such as headaches, concentration issues and irritability. Smith said requiring players to wear a helmet can prevent these complications.

“These injuries are quite common because players tend to hit each other in the head area and fail to wear proper protection,” Smith said.

Girls varsity lacrosse head coach Valerie Gibbons said the players’ safety is a huge priority and will continue to be in the future.

“Leading up to games, it’s all about conditioning, playing smart and not taking risks in the game that might put them in danger of getting injured,” Gibbons said. “Eventually, I think the sport [will] make everybody wear helmets.”

Sophomore and JV girls lacrosse player Jamie Escobar Fonseca said not wearing a helmet is less restrictive during a game because it is easier to see through them.

“I believe it’s more comfortable not to wear the helmet [and] you are able to see [more] clearly,” Escobar Fonseca said. “I wish there was more awareness to prevent head injuries, but there is not.”

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