Managers afford coaches more practice time to help their teams

Despite athletes’ effort and dedication to their sports, they are not the only ones working hard. Behind the scenes, team managers are essential to making practices and games more efficient. Seniors Tavia Hale and Brette Chambers were both managers of boys varsity basketball, before Chambers managed soccer.
“[Tavia and I] do what [the team] doesn’t have the time to do,” Chambers said. “We help [practices and games] run more smoothly and keep the team more intact.”
Despite the managers’ devotion to their teams, Hale said fans do not acknowledge the hard work managers do.
“People definitely overlook us,” Hale said. “Without us there wouldn’t be scores on the website.”
Hale has assisted with basketball since before she was in high school because her father, Daniel Hale, is a basketball coach.
“I have managed basketball because of my dad,” Hale said. “I grew up really liking it.”
Boys varsity basketball coach Daniel Hale said the managers are imperative to efficiency.
“Everything from the day-to-day running the clock and getting the guys water makes for efficiency during practice,” Hale said. “From a game standpoint, it’s crucial.”
The managers also record the players on film during games so that the entire team can reflect the highlights at the end of the season.
“We film the games and post them on [the highlights website] so that we can share them with other teams.”