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Pass distribution causes outrage

Posted By Jay Kosumi On May 6, 2019 @ 10:35 am In Opinion | Comments Disabled

Driving to school is a necessity for kids who live out of the district and must be in control of their own transportation, which, in a way, is convenient because they do not have to hasten to catch the bus in the morning or after school. But with convenience also come disadvantages.

At the beginning of the school year, seniors had to arrive early in the morning and wait in queues to obtain their much-anticipated parking passes.

The upper lot passes sold fairly quickly, so then seniors had to wait to obtain lower lot passes.

But what has become problematic is how people are now using their lower lot passes to park in the upper parking lot, which, though more convenient, is a privilege they do not have.

When juniors and seniors abuse their lower lot passes to park where unpermitted, such as the upper parking lot, they disregard those who had to wait for hours to get their passes.

While the administration has claimed they regularly check the student drivers for their passes before permitting them to park, clearly this procedure is not effective as people are still exploiting their lower lot passes to park in the upper lot, with no consequences whatsoever. There are even people who park when they do not have passes to begin with.

Though I do not drive to school, I know that if I did, I would not appreciate undergoing such a tedious process of obtaining a pass, only to face more issues when others would abuse theirs.

With all the parking issues that have arisen this year, I understand why upperclassmen would resort to using prohibited means to park in the school grounds.

One argument is that parking passes are too costly, but that reason does not excuse parking without having them.

The addition of classroom modulars at the beginning of the year also decreased available parking space, and students claimed not many passes were available for purchase.

In my opinion, the administration should do a better job of handing out more passes and adding stricter security procedures, in order to make sure that student drivers do not feel the need to find unjust ways to park their vehicles.

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