Teacher Netflix recommendations

Faculty discuss their favorite shows and movies to watch and why they recommend them to the student body.

“My top recommendation is ‘Homecoming King.’ It’s a comedy special by Hasan Minhaj, and the reason I love it is because it’s the first thing I’ve ever seen where I felt like I was represented. It is hilarious but also I cry every time I watch it and it really is because I felt like I understood for the very first time. I have never watched something where I could relate [to it] so much. [I] highly recommend everyone should watch it. My second show is the show that I watch when I kind of want to turn off my brain [or] I just want a good story and want to be engaged with the characters, but I know I’m not going to cry or get too excited. I watch this when I’m cooking because I can turn off my brain in a way, but in a good way. It’s called ‘The Resident’ and the main character in it is Logan from ‘Gilmore Girls,’ so if you liked ‘Gilmore Girls’ or his character, ‘The Resident’ [might be or you].” -English teacher Apoorva Johri.

“I recently started going through ‘Black Mirror.’ It’s a little bizarre. It definitely present[s] a lot of weird situations. Some of them are kind of messed up, but it makes a lot of good points about society and I think there’s a good message behind a lot of it, but it’s definitely really weird. I would recommend it to our more mature students. On Netflix, I recently watched ‘Triple Frontier’ which is one about a heist of a bunch of former special forces that stole a bunch of money from a criminal lord. I would recommend that one. I think most of our students could watch that one. It’s like a military action kind of movie.” -math teacher Michael Carroll.

“The most recent thing I have watched is ‘Better Call Saul,’ [an] AMC [show]. It’s the prequel to ‘Breaking Bad.’ It follows some of the minor characters from that series, but it flushes out their backstories by making them the major characters in the series. I like it because, like the original ‘Breaking Bad,’ it takes characters that are not really heroes but makes their story interesting and compelling and makes you almost root for them even though they are all terrible people in some ways. It’s fascinating television in that it twists your sense of who you feel like the hero is when these people should not be heroes. The other thing I watch a lot of is ‘Dr. Who,’ but that season ended a few months ago. […] It’s one of those things I watch right when the new season comes out [and] I will watch it regularly. My sister got me into it many years ago. As an English teacher, I will always say if you are looking for something entertaining, find a good book to read.” -journalism teacher Daniel Reinish.