Zhavia Ward’s genre crossover sets her apart

Gaining most of her popularity from her appearance on the singing show “The Four,” Zhavia Ward’s unique voice is extremely underrated.
While participating in the singing competition, Zhavia stood out due to her ability to add style to different songs, unlike her competition who sang covers identical to the original artist.
Though she gained a following while participating on “The Four,” people forgot about how talented she is after the judges eliminated her.
Unlike other contestants the judges voted off, Zhavia took the show as a learning experience and used it as a platform to begin working on her own music.
She has released three of her own songs, including “Deep Down,” “100 Ways” and “Candlelight.” In addition to writing her own songs, she collaborated with Diplo, French Montana, and Lil Pump for the “Deadpool 2” song track. These songs include a variety of pop, rap and reggae, appealing to a larger audience.
Due to her enormous amount of talent, I thought Zhavia was well-known. After talking to my friends and figuring out they had not heard her name or listened to her music, I concluded she is underrated.
Since she does not have the largest platform and music streaming applications consider her a rising artist, I think people are critical of giving her a chance.
Listeners might assume her music is not good enough due to the fact that her music is not played on local radio stations.
Though my friends did not know about her at first, they agreed Zhavia is extremely unique and talented after listening to her music.
The music industry is very competitive and it takes a lot of talent to succeed. But I think a lot of successful singers have similar voices and songs, whereas Zhavia’s voice is special.
She has strayed away from the repetitive and boring songs that are most commonly played on the radio, and has produced different songs which encompass a variety of music genres.
Due to her unique voice, Zhavia has the power to attract listeners of all genres of music. By gaining more listeners, Zhavia would have the potential to expand her talent and become a name that music streaming applications recognize as more than just a rising artist.
If more people gave her a chance and listened to her music, they could discover and support an underappreciated artist.