Watchers hit the end of Game of Thrones Sunday evening with backlash in line with their reaction to the rest of the final season.

While season eight of the epic saga saw the highest viewership of any HBO series ever — Sunday’s episode netted 19.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen — it also earned lowest IMDb user ratings of the series. While each of the seven previous season finales received IMDb ratings from users of no less than 9.1, the season eight finale received a rating of 5.2.

Viewers were so incensed at what they felt was a lackluster ending, over one million people signed a petition to remake the final season on

Fans of the show expressed disappointment over the writing, directing criticism at chief writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Benioff and Weiss addressed the complaints in an Entertainment Weekly interview. In the interview, Weiss joked that he and Benioff would be in an “undisclosed location,” with Benioff clarifying that he would be “very far away from the internet.”

Fans might not get to remake season eight, but another chance lies in a prequel series to Game of Thrones confirmed back in 2017.