As time runs out in the school year, so do basketball coach and teacher Dan Hale’s days at Marshall, following an announcement he will be returning to his home state of Hawaii.

Hale said he has accomplished much during his time at Marshall, winning multiple district championships and receiving coach of the year awards for boys basketball.

“[I’m proud of] winning back to back district championships, especially this year at Wakefield, [since] they’ve never lost a championship at Wakefield ever,” Hale said. “that was a pretty big accomplishment.”

Hale’s departure, along with five graduating seniors that includes all-star center Daniel Deaver, will change the way next year’s team looks. Despite these changes, Hale said he is confident about the future of Marshall basketball.

“The culture of the program has really changed, [because] when I first got the job nobody was playing in AAU [off-season] basketball,” Hale said. “People were just playing a little open gym and then showing up for tryouts, [but] now everybody’s playing as much as they can.”

After nine years coaching, Hale said he will have a hard time leaving the thankful Marshall community.

“I’m gonna miss the people,” he said. “I’m gonna miss the students, the players, my colleagues, the teachers, the administrators, everybody. Everybody’s been so welcoming, and I just really really enjoyed this atmosphere.”