The smell of greasy funnel cakes mingles with the strong barbecue fumes of Town Green Park. Syrupy hands grip melting snow cones. Rock music pounds through the air.

These scenes repeat every Memorial Day weekend at the Viva Vienna festival, but the experience of some high schoolers isn’t what they remember from their childhood.

Freshman Maya Kanaan said the festival becomes less exciting each year.

“Viva Vienna isn’t as exciting now as when I was 12,”  Kanaan said.

Kanaan says it could be due to the festival targeting a younger audience.

“It’s just because most of the rides are so small,” she said. “When you’re eight or nine they’re super fun, but by now I just get bored of them. The only ride that my friends and I still enjoy here is the drop tower. It’s a popular attraction for the older kids.”

But not all students agree that festival has lost its charm. Freshman Gabe Hindley said he thinks Viva Vienna entertains all ages.

“It’s a really great event to go to with friends or family,” Hindley said. “There’s something there to do for all age groups, and it’s a really cool hang-out spot.”