Students evacuated the building after an air conditioning unit in one of the C200 classrooms  overheated causing smoke to fill its classrooms at the end of 5th period.

“One of our air conditioning units burned out and caused an excessive amount of smoke to come into a couple of our science classrooms,”principal Jeff Litz said in an announcement to the school. “The fire department has been here and obviously cleared us to come back into the building.

Several firetrucks had to be brought in to clear the smoke. Students returned to their 5th period classes after 25 minutes outside and were soon sent to 7th period. Those who had classes in upper C Hall went to the auditorium as the school continued to clear smoke.

Senior Sydney Leonard  said she smelled something burning during class before seeing smoke and evacuating.

“It kinda smelled like burnt rubber and then it smelled like the dissection stuff so we kinda just assumed it was the dissection” Leonard said. “And so we kept working [but] once we saw smoke we dipped out.”