Marshall introduces new LEARN sign-in system.

The Marshall Testing and Assessment Center office has introduced a new sign in system involving the use of QR codes to track students sign-in locations during LEARN. However, students have been having trouble with signing in.

Dr. Nimel Theodore, Tim Cain, David Barkley and Rebecca Crawford all worked on the system, as well as a Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology alumna programmer, who currently attends William and Mary. 

Theodore said the system is a replacement for the old netbooks used for signing in last year, which brought up concerns about security.

“Those netbooks had technical difficulties,” Theodore said. “Maintaining security for something that’s ten years old is challenging.”

Junior Mathew Walter said the QR code system is a good idea and it just needs a little bit more work done on it.

“So far, it’s not a success, but I can see in the future that it could potentially be successful,” Walter said. “Just a little bit of work is needed.”