Rank&File has always focused on innovation and making strides in both its digital and print coverage. We have kept up with the increasingly digital world with our website, social media presence and multimedia projects. We have also always sought to report relevant stories, as well as having creative and varied page designs to deliver those stories. Our innovative spirit will continue to drive us forward as we produce our 57th volume.

We have put effort into continuously expanding the breadth of our coverage, but to supplement these efforts, my primary focus will be less on the journalism side of the class and more on the systems that keep the publication running. Producing content only works to inform the community if the publication can distribute it in the first place.

Therefore, I have put my primary focus on operating the paper in a sustainable fashion in terms of staff training, systems of team management and fostering long, positive relationships with the businesses that advertise with us.

Every year, the publication will have new members join, meaning every year there will be a need to guide those individuals. I would like to continue stressing the importance of focusing not only on the present task of producing a paper but imbuing staffers with the skills and the foundation they need for the publication’s future success.

The publication also needs money every year. As a self-funded operation, it is that much more important to be proactive about reaching out to businesses to secure advertisements and funding.

Similar to how we implemented lessons to train staff members for future success, I will focus on fostering positive and sustained relationships with businesses so we are guaranteed more repeat advertisements every year. We will thus spend less time scrambling for money and have more leeway to innovate and experiment with our content.

With our emphasis on sustainable practices, I intend to build a solid foundation for the publication’s success in the years to come and continue to break boundaries in Rank&File’s overall quality, coverage span and efficiency. In doing so we will carry on the legacy set forth by the 56 volumes behind us.