Removal of non-honors social studies class causes confusion

For the past four years, honors US VA History has been the only non-IB social studies course available to juniors.
Last year, a non-honors US VA History course appeared on the course selection sheet when the class did not exist. Counselors switched students who signed up for the course to the honors version.
“The understanding has been for a long time, whether you’re in a class labeled honors or not, you’re getting the same curriculum and you’re going to be graded the same way,” social studies teacher Jim Robinson said.
Junior Deki Gonsar said the honors class will be useful due to the 0.5 GPA boost.
“So far the class hasn’t been difficult, which is why I don’t have any hard feelings towards the change,” Gonsar said.
Since both courses have similar curricula and grading procedures, Robinson said students should benefit from the GPA credit of the honors class.
“[Students] deserve that boost because they’re doing higher-level work,” Robinson said.