During my freshman year, I remember a small desk with bagels, cinnamon rolls, sausage corn dogs, orange juice cups and much more located in lower A hall. I remember walking down to the kiosk from my Spanish 2 class in lower E hall after not eating breakfast, only to be met by a long line reaching to the ISS room.

I would visit this spot regularly during Learn, as I often either did not have time to eat breakfast or would eat a very small breakfast in the morning. When sophomore year came, I was surprised that this desk was not there anymore and the school no longer offered breakfast during Learn.

According to physicians and nutritional experts, a good breakfast is essential for students. A balanced breakfast can improve concentration, as well as increase a student’s energy during the day.

Despite this, high school students will often eat a very small or no breakfast whatsoever. For students, it is often not possible to have a balanced and healthy breakfast in their house, because waking up earlier to make breakfast cuts into an already underdeveloped sleep schedule and people may not be able to afford breakfast .

As someone who does not bring lunch from home, I will often be starving by the time Learn comes, and have to wait another hour or even longer before lunch. Even my friends who have lunch will often eat during Learn in order to hold them over for the rest of the day.

While the school offers breakfast, they only have it before first period, ending around 8 o’clock, leaving almost two and a half hours from first period to lunchtime before students will be able to eat. This wait time can be even longer for those who have C or D lunch who can wait up to four or five hours before being able to get lunch.

By extending the school breakfast to Learn, the school would allow more students to be able to have breakfast. No student should resort to eating their packed lunch because they don’t have time for breakfast and no student should be expected to perform well in class on an empty stomach.

Extending the school breakfast to Learn would help students maintain a healthier eating schedule by offering food at a more opportune time for those who may not have the time to go to the cafeteria. It will also deter them from eating their packed lunches early, helping with their performance in school and their health in general.