Past the cafeteria and in the depths of the 300 wing lies the Marshall’s mixed a cappella group, Noteworthy.

Each Tuesday, Noteworthy meets to practice their assortment of songs, ranging from Pentatonix’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” to Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.” Club sponsor and music teacher Kelli Pierson said Noteworthy typically sings pop songs and Pentatonix because there are a lot of Pentatonix arrangements for students.

“I’m very passionate about a cappella,” Pierson said. “Not only because it has become a lot more current […] with Pentatonix, Pitch Perfect and different TV shows about a cappella, but because it’s also a venue for students to sing more in that pop style which we don’t always do in choir class until our spring show.”

Though all Marshall students have the opportunity to audition for the mixed a cappella group, this year, Noteworthy consists of only choir students.

“This is the first year that it’s all choir kids that are in [Noteworthy],” Pierson said. “Before, I’ve had a handful [of students] from other classes that don’t have time during their day. So if there is someone that has a jam-packed schedule, but loves to sing, this is an opportunity for them to express themselves.”

Senior and Noteworthy member, Caroline Catterton said the club allows her to connect with students in other grades and this year, students across the choir program.

“Noteworthy brings something different to the table,” Catterton said. “We all love music so much that we’re willing to dedicate our after school time to the group.”

Junior and Noteworthy member, Josh Gurdak said he has been a part of Noteworthy since his freshman year, but said performing a cappella is different from other choir groups and musicals.

“Performing [in Noteworthy] has a completely different experience than performing with the accompaniment that you would find at the choir concerts or in a musical,” Gurdak said. “Making all the sounds through your mouth and your body is a really fun experience to be a part of.”