A rewarding parking spot

Embedded between a handicapped and visitor parking spot in the front lot stands the “Statesman of the Week” parking spot, which serves as an opportunity for faculty recognition, as it has for the past four years.

But, faculty left the spot unoccuppied during the entirety of September and October this school year. Because the system relies on teachers and staff nominating each other for “Statesman of the Week,” principal Jeff Litz said the busy nature of first quarter contributed to a lack of nominations, but the use of the parking spot will resume in November.

“[Nominating teachers] was nice for people to take notice of all of the efforts and the work that we do,” Spanish teacher Silvia Montes said.

Every Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, Litz compiles the list of nominees and randomly picks one to park in the ‘Statesman of the Week’ spot. Teachers and staff can nominate their peers for a variety of reasons, including covering their class due to an unexpected absence or having a significant impact on their students.

“I find that although I recognize teachers for the good work they do, sometimes that feedback is more meaningful when it comes from peers,” Litz said. “I think it’s good when faculty and staff are recognizing each other.”

Because not all teachers park in the front lot, Litz said he will be implementing a similar ‘Statesman of the Week’ parking spot in the back upper lot this spring for the faculty members who park there.

Montes said the “Statesman of the Week” parking spot is a good reward for teachers.

“[The parking spot] a nice way to recognize the work of teachers and staff members,” Montes said.