The Student Government Association (SGA) is organizing a winter spirit week before the break.

Marshall is one of the few schools in Fairfax County Public Schools with only one spirit week and pep rally during the school year. Other schools, like West Potomac High School, hold multiple spirit weeks.

“Other schools do [have] spirit weeks throughout the year,” SGA sponsor Pierce Bello said. “The reason we haven’t here at Marshall is because we have a space issue. We don’t have a gym, unlike other FCPS schools, that is large enough to fit all students in it.”

While the homecoming spirit week revolves around a football game and leads up to the homecoming dance, the winter spirit week will instead have events that focus on the ongoing basketball season and the upcoming holidays.

“Everyone has a lot of fun during spirit week, so kids just want to take that bottled lightning and keep it going,” Bello said.

Bello said the annual spirit king competition in the main gym during homecoming week is already close to the maximum capacity and the SGA cannot force all students to attend a pep rally in the gym.

“[Winter spirit week] is a really good idea,” sophomore Arsh Singh said. “It will give students and teachers a chance to chill out, take a little bit of time away from studying, and gather as a school and have fun.”