Football star Antonio Brown’s rap album disappoints fans

From football stardom to social media infamy to rap artist. Antonio Brown can do it all, just not very well. 2019 was not a good year for the free agent wide receiver. After his trade and release from the Oakland Raiders for calling the general manager a racial slur, Brown then signed with the New England Patriots, but got released again after a sexual assault accusation by his former trainer. 

Brown came under fire for his outlandish Twitter and Instagram activity where he constantly posts controversial material. This led many people to believe he is suffering from  chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE. 

On Jan 4, nearly four months removed from football, Brown dropped a rap single titled “Whole Lotta Money.”  When I first saw this on YouTube, I actually thought I was going crazy. I never thought that Brown would release a music video. 

Upon listening to it, there was no doubt in my mind that Brown was suffering from CTE. The first thirty seconds or so of the song involve Brown repeating the phrase “I gotta whole lotta money.” After this nonsensical repetition, Brown launches into a slew of incoherent speech accompanied by a tune that sounds like cats being dragged across a blackboard. 

 I am not the only one who found his music to be less than satisfactory. On YouTube, Brown’s music video is sitting on 740,000 views with 8,000 likes to 20,000 dislikes. 

Sports fans across the world who follow the NFL and have seen this video can be glad it is only around two minutes, a small price to pay for the snickers Antonio Brown gives us on a daily basis.