Winter Formal cancellation causes mixed emotions amongst SGA officers

The Winter Formal Dance (WINFO) organized through Marshall’s Student Government Association is canceled due to a lack of ticket sales.

The SGA did not sell enough tickets at the sale price of 10 dollars to break even, let alone make a profit on the dance warranting the cancellation.

“WINFO was canceled because of a lack of ticket sales,” sophomore class sponsor Pierce Bello said. “The dance was going to cost at least nine hundred dollars and we sold about 60 tickets.”

The lack of interest and consequential cancellation of the winter formal led to the decision to likely end all SGA sponsored dances for the rest of the year.

“I don’t think that we will likely have another dance,” Bello said.“I think that if kids weren’t interested in going to the winter formal, it’s not likely they would go to another [dance].”

While the winter formal was supposed to be the Marshall’s first event of its kind, the lack of interest and ticket sales were not a surprise to class officer Gabe Hindley.

“Manas [Atluri], from the executive board, was spearheading the project,” Hindley said. “After speaking with other members of the SGA, it seemed unlikely that WINFO would be successfully pulled off… the lack of ticket sales and the subsequent cancellation of WINFO wasn’t a big surprise to me.”

SGA board member Manas Atluri said he was surprised when WINFO, which he expected to be a success, was canceled.

“There were many people who wanted the dance to happen and I wanted to do it with one of the Junior class officer[s],” Atluri said. “We thought WINFO would work because we saw interest, but mostly [people] forget or somehow people are thinking the dance would be canceled… most [people] were gonna buy blue days even though we did sales on red days.”

The winter formal may be canceled, but students can still stop by room D209 to collect their refund for their ticket.