This year, the juniors broke tradition by not wearing their class shirts during the fall pep rally. Now, three months later, the supply of new shirts lay in Room C210.

The miscommunication between the Student Government Association (SGA) and the manufacturer delayed the delivery of the class shirts, to the extent that they did not arrive in time for spirit week.

Junior and SGA member Eugene Cho said the SGA’s apology on Instagram and additional instructions to buy the shirts did not broadcast widely, resulting in few students being aware of the sale.

“I don’t think information was spread too much,” Cho said. “We always try our best to advertise by posting on Instagram, but [about] half of our grade follows us.”

Junior Parimah Keyvani said she did not realize the Class of 2021 shirts were available for purchase strictly online.

“I had no idea about the website, but when I saw the shirts, the color and texture looked nice,” Keyvani said. “I wish I bought it earlier to wear at school events [and] represent my class.”

During the Class of 2021’s freshman and sophomore years, the class shirts were free, but now, students must buy them. Keyvani said the change in procedure without notice caught juniors off guard.

“Some people didn’t buy shirts because they’re so familiar with it being free,” Keyvani said.

Keyvani said the extra step of obtaining the shirts online was a more laborious process and anticipates next year’s shirts to arrive on time and in person.

“Going online seems like a lot of work, so less students [might] have bought shirts because they like an easier process,” Keyvani said. “There’s a risk of not knowing what the shirts look like, so by getting the shirts in hand, it’s much more reliable because you can see it in person.”

Cho said there were also multiple contributing factors to a poor outcome.

“Less than 50 people bought shirts,” Cho said. “There was also the aspect that the shirts were made to order online [instead of in person].”

Cho said the SGA sent out a PTSA newsblast about the shirts, but the message was vague.

“Since it went to the parents, it was really hard to get the news out,” Cho said. “Other blasts aren’t as important unless the student goes home and talks about it.”

Class of 2021 sponsor Mara Šverna said those who purchased shirts will be able take part in a prom ticket raffle.

“Anybody who’s bought a shirt already, or who buys a shirt in the future will be entered [in the raffle],” Šverna said.

In the future, the SGA plans to allow for sufficient lead time to process the orders, stipulate a delivery deadline and notify the students effectively anf on-time.

“Next year, hopefully we’ll get the announcement of class shirts out as soon as possible,” Cho said. “Selling them before spirit week is a must or no one will care because there’s neither an incentive nor [a] purpose following spirit week.”