ShareTable accepts food contributions

by matt savage & amelia gee

Octagon Club’s ShareTable goal is to make use of extra resources and donate food. Volunteers carry bins around to collect extra food from each table during all lunch periods.
ShareTable coordinator and junior Sarina Bell said the purpose of the ShareTable is to reduce food waste.
“The basic premise [is] people who have extra food can donate it here,” Bell said. “Students who want or need extra food can pick it up and we can reduce food waste.”
Bell said the ShareTable donates excess food to a local shelter.
“We bring all the leftover food to [the youth] shelter, Second Story, at the end of every week,” Bell said.
Bell said the ShareTable relies on student participation to flourish.
“The [success] of the ShareTable is dependent on others to donate food,” Bell said.
Volunteer and junior Loredana Munteanu said the ShareTable allows hungry students to partake in the donations, regardless of their economic situation.
“[We] distribute equally among all the students,” Munteanu said. “Even if you have an uneaten orange to contribute […] It can be something this simple to make an impact.”
Munteanu said the ShareTable’s goal is to make sure no food goes to waste and channel the surplus to those in need.
“It’s like an exchange, it’s sharing,” Munteanu said. “[It is true] that sharing is caring.”
Munteanu said the ShareTable serves as an opportunity to instill community service and highlight simple acts of kindness.
“It’s something that anybody can participate in,” Munteanu said. “It’s a great deed.”
Junior Andrew Nee said the ShareTable offers benefits to both the providers and the recipients.
“If you can’t afford food, it’s a great way to get food,” Nee said. “If you have extra food, [ShareTable] doesn’t waste it.”
Sophomore Elora Brown said it is important to promote the ShareTable and its mission.
“[The ShareTable] is actually a really good idea,” Brown said. “Some people just leave [food] around and it’s important to collect it. Not many people [donate]. So I would like people to participate more because it’s a nice idea.”